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The future of dance in the body of Christ will be and already is a powerful tool and weapon of war. Spiritual dance for the future when approached and applied as the Lord leads is an avenue of worship and a stage for the glory of God.
One's relationship with God and there intimacy with Him will determine the depth of their desire to please God in dancing.

Dance is a weapon of war against the
enemies camp to pull down strong holds.


It is being recognized in many churches, bible studies and even home groups and as the Lord reveals himself to his people it will continue. However we must be very careful not to use dance as a replacement of studying God's word, nor for something to pacify the flesh.
Dance has been a prophetic hidden tool that the enemy have held captive for years, due to what it can accomplish in the spiritual realm when applied correctly. David danced before the Lord with all of his heart, and one can only imagine how the Father felt. (2 Sam. 6:14)

Also in Psalm 149:3 Let them praise His name in the dance. There is a requirement of God's people to make sure that they are seeking Him first (the giver) instead of the gift or talent of dancing.

God is calling an army of dancers across the nation. Future dancers will know that they have been called to the front line for dance ministry because they will experience the presence of worshiping God in the dance and it will be from their personal imitate time with the Lord.

God is requiring dancers to have a clean and pure heart, as well as some training and preparation for the task. If we are going to have a dance department in our churches and in Christian organizations, there has to be teachings on the subject so we can show forth in the integrity of Christ.

There must be trainings from Scripture in order to teach dance as ministry. Although many are dancing just because they can, there must be an evaluation of self-will, Gods will, Purpose and motives.

The call to a true dance ministry will also call for submission; which means it has to be taught correctly or we will simply have dance teams just dancing with no order.

I believe in dancing before the Lord. It has its time and place in our personal lives as well as corporate worship, but if one is going to pursue dance as ministry, I would encourage you to seek training first in order to lay a good foundation.

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